Academic and External Research Support

Google was born in Stanford’s Computer Science department and the company has always maintained and valued strong relations with universities and research institutes. We run a variety of programs that provide funding and resources to the academic and external research community. Google, in turn, learns from the community through exposure to a broader set of ideas and approaches.

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Work at Google

What is it like to do research at Google?


   Google is full of smart people working on some of the hardest problems in Computer Science.

Many Googlers have PhDs and come from a research background, but research is not treated as a separate activity at Google — research happens across the company, on many different teams. This means there is a blurry line between “research” and “product development.”


Engineering and research projects alike are done by small teams on a rapid schedule.

Most projects have time horizons of just 6-12 months, and aim to deliver results and iterate quickly. That said, for some higher-risk or longer-term projects, some research groups do work with a certain level of isolation – but even then, Google encourage organizational flexibility and the free flow of information within the company (and often outside of the company as well). Nearly all projects at Google are “bottom-up” efforts, started by a few Googlers who want to tackle a new problem. Google is very light on management. Google have more problems than it has people, so there’s always a big problem just around the corner waiting for someone to solve.

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Google, GTUG and Rock&Roll — MykAllaive!

Суббота, 16 -17 февраля,  бизнес-центр «Марк Плаза» Николаев, пр. Ленина 188, офис компании «Хостинг Макс», косманавтов 130-В


 GDG Mykolaiv созывает партийный съезд по решению насущных проблем «Рогов и Копыт» связанных с технологиями закордонного треста Google. Первый съезд приурочен открытию новой ячейки всемирного братского шефства Google Developers Group — GDG Mykolaiv. Пленарное заседание пройдет в течении 2-х дней. Встречаемся в вышеуказанных локациях.

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